Filled with roses from the Mountain Else

Product Name GOLD WHITENING COMPLEX MASK Product Type Facial and Skin Care Products Nano Gold Extract (Nano Gold Extract)


Filled with roses from the Mountain Else

As a skin barrier, it improves the performance of natural skin care. To be stronger Strengthens the epidermis (Epidermal Stem Cell).
It keeps the special characteristics of the stem cells.

++The skin is soft. Can handle the weather has changed. Bright shine 

       Test your cell's ability to survive. By cultivating skin cells to scrub
1) Apply 0.15% stem cell roses to the cells
2) Don not eated anything 
 ≥ Apply to both UVA-B rays
The skin cell division (CFE) increased by 75%, and survived when exposed to UV radiation.
= Skin cells are still well separated. ↑ Skin is strong. Shine up ↑ wrinkles fade